Minnie first shot to fame in the BBC news article, “Pillion pooch clocks up the miles”.

Easy rider Minnie the dog likes nothing more than feeling the wind through her fur as she rides on a motorcycle.   The canine cruiser has clocked up more than 27,000 miles as a pillion passenger on her master's bike. The border terrier's owner, Peter Garner from the New Forest, Hampshire, made a special box and bought "doggles" to protect his pet's eyes. The nine-year-old pooch has now been picked as one of five animals to be the face of a motorcycle insurance company. (See below) Mr Garner, from Hale, said: "I think she enjoys it because it's getting out and about and seeing different things. "As a puppy she always liked to sit and watch what goes on, so what better way to sit up high and see what's going past you." He found a pair of special dog goggles at the famous Crufts show to protect her eyes. "We do about 3,000 miles a year and she's nine years old so that's about 27,000 miles," added Mr Garner. He said the police have not stopped his canine companion as she does not obstruct his view or interfere with the cycle's controls. Pictured below are Matt Allwright (rogue traders) and film crew preparing for Minnie's first BBC appearance. WATCH MINNIE’S BBC INTERVIEW HERE  

Minnie was one of top five dogs chosen by bike insurers Bennetts

'Meet the UK’s Barking Bikers! Bennetts unveils nations motorcycling dogs who are potty about riding pillion. With 266 years of experience and over 60,000 miles behind them, a unique breed of motorcyclists, who are quite literally ‘barking about biking’, have been unveiled by Bennetts. Whilst most dogs remain confined to a lead, these pet-rol heads live life in the fast lane and have been chosen by the insurance provider to launch an online initiative that identifies some of the UK’s weird and wonderful motorcycle riders and celebrates the passion for biking that they all share. Bennetts conducted a nationwide search to discover the UK’s wackiest motorcyclists, which started off with a search for the top canine cruisers. After being inundated with photographs and stories from across the country, they whittled down the entries to five top dogs who will be profiled on the company’s website to encourage other bikers to send in their stories and photographs.  In the gallery above and sharing a passion for motorbikes and riding with the wind in their ears are:  · Boxer Slobber, aged 8 (56 dog years) from Salisbury  · Terrier Pepper, aged 10 (70 dog years) from Cheltenham  · Border Terrier Minnie, aged 9 (63 dog years) from the New Forest  · Terrier Ronnie, aged 2 (14 dog years) from Warrington  · Jack Russell Rocket, aged 9 (63 dog years) from Grimsby With an array of compartments and harnesses to carry the dogs, together with goggles and accessories to ensure they look the part, these howling Hell’s Angels are kings of the road. Having covered over 27,000 miles in her lifetime, Border Terrier Minnie is the most experienced rider, travelling an average of 3,000 miles per year with her owner Peter Garner. With regular journeys of over 50 miles, Minnie is desperate to accompany Peter whenever he goes out on his bike. Peter says, “Minnie has to be one of the nation’s top barking bikers as there aren’t many places I have visited without my favourite riding partner! Positioning her on the back of my Honda 500 complete with Doggles to protect her eyes, we have great fun on the road and attract a lot of attention from other road users!” Bennetts Marketing Director, Mark Fells said, “We wanted to launch a section on our website that celebrates the passion for motorbikes which all bikers share and we’re always looking for unusual biking stories – the barking bikers definitely fit the bill! By featuring them on our website, we hope many more bikers share their stories, photos and love of biking with us.” Minnie was also the face on Genesis dog foods
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