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Wheelers   Motorcycle   Events   was   set   up   to   support   charities   with   the   help and   support   of   bikers   like   you.   We   hope   that   it   will   give   you   the   chance   of having   a   good   day   out   with   your   machine   and   at   the   same   time   support   a good cause. If   you   are   a   fellow   Biker   and   like   meeting   and   talking   to   other   bikers   and enjoy   a   great   day   out   whilst   trying   to   help   and   support   charities,   then   why not   contact   us   to   discuss   the   possibility   of   giving   some   of   your   time   to   help us   put   on   and   run   great   biker   shows/events   in   and   around   the   Hampshire, Wiltshire & Dorset regions. We   are   always   looking   for   volunteers   to   help   with   Marshalling,   stewarding and   any   other   duties   that   will   help   the   event/show   to   run   smoothly.   Events build   up   and   take   down   is   another   aspect   of   the   programme   we   are   always looking to cover. We   will   supply   florescent   vests   and   make   sure   you   are   looked   after   on   the day/days of the events taking place. Please   offer   us   your   support   to   help   put   on   great   motorcycle   events/shows so   we   can   raise   money   for   charity.   If   you   have   a   specialist   skill   like,   lawyer, accountant   or   management   and   can   offer   a   few   hours   a   week   to   help   run this group I would love to hear from you. Please contact us using the contact link at the top of the page. Take care and safe riding to all and we hope to see you at our events .  

About us

Wheelers   Motorcycle   Events   began   in   2014   by   3   neighbours   who   had   a passion   for   riding   their   machines   around   the   south   and   south-west   counties of England. Gil   Wheeler   had   been   medically   retired   from   work   due   to   long   term   health problem    and    had    been    supporting    a    heart    charity    as    a    volunteer.    He approached   his   neighbours   with   the   idea   of   raising   some   funds   for   the charity   by   holding   a   motorcycle   event,   and   as   his   charity   was   very   limited with   funds   Gil   approached   other   bigger   charities   to   try   and   seek   support. Most   charities   were   very   willing   to   help   but   he   could   not   set   up   any   support funding for his vision. Eventually   Gill   succeeded   in   persuading   the   Fleet   Air   Arm   Museum   to   agree to    support    his    venture    by    letting    him    use    their    facilities    and    the    first Wheelers Events Motorcycle cycle show was born. As   the   event   was   being   organised   one   of   his   neighbours   found   that   they didn't   have   the   time   to   be   involved   and   shortly   after,   the   other   neighbour suffered      a   nasty   work   accident   leaving   Gil      to   proceed   on   his   own   with   the event. Around   this   time   Gil   had   also   approached   the   Tank   Museum,   Bovington, Dorset,   who   were   looking   for   someone   to   help   run   their   new   event,   “Wheels of Steel” and he offered to help. With   Wheelers   Motor   Cycle   Events   now   growing   Gil   needed   a   website   to boost   advertising.   He   approached   his   long   term   friend   Nick   owner   of   the website   thenewforestguide.com    who   had   experience   in   web   design,   and more    importantly,    a    passion    for    Motorbikes.    Together    they    formed    an alliance    and    the    Wheelers    Motorcycle    Events    website    was    born,    created within   the   already   popular   New   Forest   Guide.   The   alliance   also   had   the added   bonus   of   bringing   in   Nick   and   Gil's   friend   Pete,   whose   wonderful photographs can be seen throughout The New Forest Guide website.
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